Perfect vacation


Booking your stay at the Residence Ambassador is the first step of your perfect vacation. Along with our accommodation we are also glad to offer a selection of gastronomical guidelines that you can follow during your vacation here:

Starters include salata od hobotnice (octopus salad) and the nibble-size portions of lobster flesh seasoned with olive oil and herbs.

Indigenous forms of pasta include fuži in Istria (pasta dough rolled into a cylinder or folded into a twirl, and occasionally filled)

Descend into the old wine cellars of beautiful Potomje and follow the traditional cuisine to unravel the mysteries of cooking the "peka".

The intriguing food and wine experience entails visiting historical villages which lie in some of the most picturesque locations of Dubrovnik.

In order to provide you with the most comfort and cleanliness, we provide optional daily maid service.

Main meat dishes normally consist of a grilled or pan-fried kotlet (chop) or odrezak (fillet or escalope).