Cheese from island Pag is one of the most famous brands in Croatia.

Lamb and veal prepared under the iron bell with real fire above it is the way it was prepared hundreds of years ago

Paški sir from the island of Pag is the most famous – a hard, piquant cheese with a taste somewhere between Parmesan and mature cheddar; sir sa vrhnjem (cream cheese) is a milder alternative. Kulen, a spicy, paprika-laced sausage from Slavonia, is another local delicacy. Soups (juha) are usually clear and light and served with spindly noodles, unless you opt for the thicker krem-juha (cream soup).cheese pršut

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One starter that is stodgy enough to serve as a main course is štrukli, a pastry and cheese dish which is common to Zagreb and the Zagorje hills to the north. It comes in two forms: kuhani (boiled) štrukli are large parcels of dough filled with cottage cheese, while for pečeni (baked) štrukli the dough and cheese are baked in an earthenware dish, resulting in a cross between cheese soufflé and lasagne.