Mediterranean cuisine is full on tasty desserts and refreshing salads.

Along with our accommodation we are also glad to offer a selection of gastronomical guidelines that you can follow during your vacation

Indigenous forms of pasta include fuži in Istria (pasta dough rolled into a cylinder or folded into a twirl, and occasionally filled)

Šurlice on the island of Krk and mlinci in Zagreb and the Zagorje – the last are lasagne-thin scraps of dough which are boiled, then baked. Additional vegetables can be ordered as items from the menu. Croatians eat an enormous amount of bread, and you’ll be expected to scoff a couple of large slices with your meal regardless of whatever else you order.

dalmatian salads

Note: Popular side dishesn

dalmatian salads

Note: Typical restaurant desserts include sladoled

The most common salads are zelena salata (green salad) and mješana salata (mixed salad). Other popular side dishes are gherkins (krastavci) and pickled peppers (paprike).Typical restaurant desserts include sladoled (ice cream), torta (cake) and palačinke (pancakes), which are usually served sa marmeladom (with marmalade), s čokoladom (with chocolate sauce) or s oresima (with walnuts). In Dubrovnik, we will try rožata, the locally produced version of crème caramel. A slastičarnica is a place to find ice cream, cakes and pastries, including baklava, the syrup-coated pastry indigenous to the Balkans and the Middle East.